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Yerba Mate Appreciation

23 May 2023

Mate is a tree native to southern Brazil which thrives in the wild in the Atlantic Forest. Its leaves have been consumed for centuries by indigenous populations, in the form of a herbal tea, nowadays being worldwide appreciated.

It is widely consumed in Brazil, particularly popular in the southern regions, such as Rio Grande do Sul, where it is deeply rooted in the culture. In these regions, chimarrão, a traditional drink prepared with yerba mate, is commonly consumed in social gatherings, at home, or during breaks at work. It is seen as a symbol of hospitality and friendship. Yerba mate consumption in Brazil extends beyond the traditional methods. It is also found in various commercialized forms, such as ready-to-drink yerba mate beverages, yerba mate-infused energy drinks, and yerba mate-flavored products.

Studies on yerba mate have investigated various aspects of its health effects, with some studies showing its potential benefits, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, potential effects on metabolism, while other studies have suggested that yerba mate may possess gastroprotective properties. It’s important to consider that while these studies provide valuable insights, the specific effects of yerba mate can vary depending on factors such as preparation methods, consumption patterns, and individual health conditions.

The yerba mate provided by Botanik Source comes from the South of Brazil where they have established a new technology to produce yerba mate without PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) and without Anthraquinone, through the “sapecagem” method, which consists of realising the thermal shock of the mate with hot water instead of direct flame contact. With Botanik, you can find yerba mate available with different celebrated certifications, Organic, Fair for Life and Fairtrade, attesting to its high quality and our commitment to our suppliers.

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