Botanik substainability

Sourcing a new sustainable future

The idea of sustainability as a tool for bringing quality of life to not only our customers but also to our producers and the world is ingrained in what Botanik Source is. We aim to create a culture of sustainability that grows beyond organic products. Our goal is to bring sustainability in every strategy and step of sourcing.

With our mission of working with small producers and sharing organic products from around the world, we have total commitment with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies.

Botanik substainability

Certifications and Producers

Making real changes in collaboration with small producers

Certifications and Producers

Since the beginning, our work is focused in three key elements as we strive towards a better future:

  • To work with trading systems that are fair and sustainable 
  • To preserve and renew the natural resources and systems
  • To make a positive impact on the local communities we collaborate with

Following these purposes, we work with small producers from all over the world, collaborators of different languages and different traditions, who all share an important point in common: maintaining their work in total agreement with the organic cultivation.

Consequently, our products are certified Fair for Life by Ecocert and Organic by Certysis for the UE market, which attest to their high quality, traceability and the respect for the environment.

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