Know more about the Brazilian Ginseng


Moringa, the Miracle Tree

Native to parts of Africa, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, Moringa belongs to the Moringaceae family and is scientifically known as Moringa Oleifera. This tree has gained immense popularity and is celebrated for its numerous health benefits and various practical uses. One of the primary reasons Moringa is known as the “Miracle Tree” is due …

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Yerba Mate Appreciation

Mate is a tree native to southern Brazil which thrives in the wild in the Atlantic Forest. Its leaves have been consumed for centuries by indigenous populations, in the form of a herbal tea, nowadays being worldwide appreciated. It is widely consumed in Brazil, particularly popular in the southern regions, such as Rio Grande do …

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Get to Know Our Guarana

Historiquement utilisé comme un énergisant naturel, le guarana est un fruit de la forêt amazonienne qui est devenu populaire au Brésil, et par conséquent dans le reste du monde, en raison de ses propriétés stimulantes et thérapeutiques. Depuis des siècles, il est cultivé par des peuples indigènes, qui ont développé sa culture de manière traditionnelle …

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